We’ve rebranded

We are pleased to announce that our company has undergone a visual refresh and we have a brand new logo!

For 30 years, we have been known for our top-quality products, recipes, and ideas. Our new branding and logo reflect our company’s commitment to quality and innovation even more.

Hellin’s goal is to provide culinary inspiration in addition to products and know-how. As a result, the new Hellin is appetizing and unique. Our visual identity expresses our company’s commitment to quality and our desire to offer our customers only unique taste experiences.

Our new logo and branding are an achievement that every chef can proudly put their name to. We are confident that our new identity will help us stand out even more in the market and reflect our company’s big vision and goals.

Come and discover our renewed brand, be inspired by our products and recipes, and create unique culinary experiences that your customers, friends, and family will always talk about!

Bon Appétit