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History of the company

Balt-Hellin was founded in 1993 by Bakery Master Otto Schütt and entered in the Tartu commercial Register on 11.09.1996 under number 10124134 as a public limited company.

Otto Schütt, a fourth-generation representative of a small German bakery family, wanted to offer services and products to bakery, confectionary and catering companies in the Baltic States and the food industry that he had learned to evaluate during his years of study and migration in Western Europe. To date, we also supply hostels and hotels, large kitchens, canteens and ferries.

As A trading company, Balt-Hellin provides bakeries, pastry and catering establishments and the food industry with the raw materials of Western European and international origin that they need for their work. Well-known and well-respected international partners support us in developing and further developing our products, not just our supply.

In 2022, the company was bought by JNG Investments group, after Otto Schütt left due to severe illness. The new owner values the legacy and ethics of Balt-Hellin and continues the foodservice mission Otto once had.

Balt-Hellin OÜ

We believe that business management in the company must be simple and fast and as free of bureaucracy as possible, which is why the legal form of the company changed from a public limited company to a private limited company in 25.05.2023: instead of Balt-Hellin AS, we are now Balt-Hellin OÜ. The form of a private company makes it easier for us to manage the company and the communication between the board and other members of the group and the beneficiaries.


For 30 years now, we have been known for our first-class products, recipes, and ideas. Therefore our new branding and logo further reflect our company’s dedication to quality and innovation!

HELLIN’s mission is not only to provide exceptional products (not used for milk and milk products) and know-how but also to offer culinary inspiration. Our own consultants continuously work towards creating new ideas and excellent results, both for us and directly with our clients. As a result, the new HELLIN brand is enticing and distinctive. Our visual identity showcases the company’s commitment to quality and the desire to provide our customers with unique taste experiences.

Our logo and branding are an achievement that every chef can proudly endorse. We are confident that the new identity will help us stand out even more in the market and reflects our company’s grand vision and goals.

Come and discover our renewed corporate brand, get inspired by our products and recipes, and create unique culinary experiences that your customers, friends, and family will always talk about!”

Since 2002, company is located in Vinkli 17, Tartu
Balt-Hellin and partners at Foodfair 2022