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Guide to the Balt-Hellin supply agreement

Dear customer,

would you like to buy goods from Balt-Hellin in the future and talk to our representative about signing a written delivery contract? In this case, you will find important information on the delivery contract and how to conclude it on this page.

Concluding a delivery contract will make it much easier for you to order goods and will help us process and execute orders more quickly. You will save extra time if you start using the Hellin-direkt online subscription system after you sign the contract..

After concluding the supply contract, you will have years of experience at your disposal. Because the supply contract provides, fairly and in a balanced manner, all the important points relating to the sale and delivery of goods in order to prevent misunderstandings where possible and to smooth everything perfectly. The delivery contract also includes a credit line that you can use after you sign the contract.

The supply contract consists of the following three parts: Each section can be opened and printed/saved separately by clicking on this page. Please send completed and signed contract files to

This agreement will agree on some fundamental elements of the agreement and the credit line. Both you and our party must sign this agreement on paper or digitally. You must save the delivery contract for execution on your computer, then fill in the fields and save the contract again. NB! Please check that you are sending the contract with the filled-in fields!

Here, please fill us in with the necessary information about your company. If this data changes later, please fill in a new datasheet or notify BALT-Hellin of ANY changes. Your paper or digital signature is enough to do this.

In the so-called standard terms, all parts of the contract are written out in detail. It is these regulations that build on our 20-year experience in business relationships and they also have a role to play in our price calculations. Please read the standard terms carefully before signing the agreement. Standard terms need not be signed.

Select a language to read the terms.

It is important to know that all three parts of the supply contract form a package of contracts together and that everything will take effect after signing. If you have any further questions about this, just contact Balt-Hellin. We’re happy to help.

Yours truely Balt-Hellin