On 4 November, the winners of the Silverspoon 2022 competition, i.e. the Best cafes and restaurants in Estonia, were announced.
Silverspoon, locally called Hõbelusikas, is Estonia’s oldest gastronomy competition, where for three consecutive years Jungent Foodservice has been involved as a sponsor. Competition was launched in 2004 to value and develop food culture in Estonia. The winners of 2022 were announced at the gala dinner at Tallinn Air Harbour and at the 12 th table JNG Investments group leaders from Jungent, Via 3L, Balt-Hellin watched the entertainment programme on the ground. The results of the competition were elected on the basis of restaurant visits by 110 volunteer judge assessors.
The dinner menu was prepared by top chefs Vladislav Djatšuk, Tõnis Saar and Ragnar Bamberg. Barista made coffee drinks and offered aside VALRHONA French chocolate.
Jungent and Balt-Hellin announced the Best Cafe title at the awards ceremony. The nominees for the category were Restaurant Gianni Cafe Gianni, Hapsal Dietrich, Levier and Cafe Lyon. This year’s winner was chosen by jury – it’s Cafe Gianni!
Balt-Hellin and Jungent Foodservice supply the best cafes with bakery products and bakers with premium raw materials.
Photos – Margus Johanson

Silverspoon Parim kohvik 2022
Balt-Hellin AS Member of the Board of Directors Mart Liibert, CEO Ave Roomets ja Silverspoon Best Cafe 2022 nominees.
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Ave Roomets is announcing best cafe award in Estonia 2022